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General Information

The aim of the Sailing School is to introduce new adult sailors to the fundamentals of sailing; to help them learn to sail safely and especially to have fun. The club uses the Canadian Yachting Association's CANSail dinghy program to bring students to the CANSail 2 competency. Successful graduates will be offered a trial membership in the club which enables them to continue using the sailing school dinghies to enhance their skills. Our courses are geared to adults, but if you have a teenage family member (15 yrs. or older) who wishes to take the course with you, contact the Sailing School Director. The fact that some of our students are seniors proves that it's never too late to learn, especially when it comes to sailing. You will almost certainly make new friends and sailing buddies.

CanSail 1&2

CANSail 1 – Introduction to sailing. CANSail 1 teaches sailors the fundamental sailing skills including basic sheeting, steering, and boat handling on all points of sail. Sailors can sail within defined boundaries set by an instructor. CANSail 2 – Basic sailing. CANSail 2 teaches sailors to adjust their bodies and boats for changes in direction and wind speed while sailing, and to perform boat-handling manoeuvers in a controlled manner while in a controlled setting.

Session 1A: Monday & Wednesday

May 27 to Jul 04, 2019

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Session 1B: Tuesday & Thursday

May 28 to Jul 04, 2019

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Session 2A: Monday & Wednesday

Jul 08 to Aug 14, 2019

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Session 2B: Tuesday & Thursday

Jul 09 to Aug 15, 2019

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Scarborough Bluffs Sailing Club

Scarborough Bluffs Sailing Club

27 Bluffers Park, Toronto

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